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5 winning approaches during a hiring interview;

You have been called for an interview?  Do not panic! Here is how to look good!
The masculine form is used only to simplify the text.

  • Prepare well!

Presenting yourself to an interview without being prepared is the ultimate mistake and for some reason it is the most frequent! People put so much emphasis on looking for a job and preparing their C.V. that it is as if they had no more energy for the rest. Do your research on the firm calling you for an interview!

  • Listen carefully to the questions!

To answer correctly to any question, we must first and foremost understand the full meaning of the question. Some candidates answer before the interviewer has finished asking the question. This is considered a lack of respect! Furthermore, it is difficult to be accurate with our answer when the question is not fully understood. It is best to have the question repeated when we do not understand it, than to give an answer which is not relevant.

  • Staying positive!

You must convince your potential employer that you are the person for the job. Do this by projecting a positive image of yourself and enumerating your successes. Any negative comments about previous employers, work experiences or about yourself, must be avoided at all cost.

  • Be reserved and polite!

Above all, we must always remember that an interview is professional in nature. You should never address the interviewer by his first name and never react as to infer that he is your friend, this shows a lack of professionalism. Talking about your personal life or try to tell jokes is to be avoided!

  • Express interest!

If you act impatient or bored, why would the employer believe that you are interested in the position? Furthermore, he would get the impression that you are wasting his time. If we really want the position we must show our interest and enthusiasm.


Common strengths that employers like to hear;

  • I learn fast, I have initiative and do not need much training;
  • During hard times I will always be loyal to my employer;
  • I study my piers to broaden my knowledge base;
  • I would increase sales and revenues;
  • I look for different ways of saving money;
  • I would implement ways where employees could work quicker and accomplish more.

Dressed to impress, 4 basic rules;

  • Before the interview always be well-versed about the company who has called you for the interview. Visit their website, this will tell you about them and might give you an idea of what you should wear?
  • Avoid things that could take the attention away from your answers or from the task at hand, such as; mini shirt, jeans, low cut clothing, noisy bracelets, earrings or pendants, sandals and T-shirts.
  • Pay particular attention to the cleanliness of clothing. Are there any missing buttons, is the garment frayed, does it need ironing?
  • Perfumes should be avoided in consideration of others who could have allergies. 

Chronological resume template;

 If you have had a position through an agency, it is important to indicate the name of the agency, for they act as your employer! 


Your name
Home address
City province postal code
555 555 5555
email address@

Studies and training;

College or University - specialization year - year
City, province/territory

School year - year
City, province/territory


Position title year - year
Company name, city, province or territory

  • Describe the tasks that you perform in the position together with your achievements.
  • Make sure you highlight the skills that you could build upon in the new position that interests you.

Position title year - year
Company name, city, province or territory

  • Highlight all the important responsibilities entrusted to you in your previous job.
  • Describe how these responsibilities have helped the organization achieve its goals.

Position title year - year
Company name, city, province or territory

  • In this model of curriculum vitae, emphasis must focus on the experience.
  • Make sure you indicate different tasks/skills/responsibilities in connection with each of your previous jobs.

Volunteer work;

  • Using bullets, list a few places where you have done volunteer work.
  • It is very important to let your future employer know how this volunteer work has impacted your knowledge base and how your have helped them by your activities there.



  • Sporting exploits
  • Other certificates or awards
  • School distinctions


Advice and useful links;   

Barbara Personnel Inc.  you may find these links useful to start off your new job on the right foot. Familiarize yourself with the regional public transit network, keep abreast of the latest news, get information on workplace standards and more... Are you ready to surf?


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