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M1 Education:
Secondary school diploma or an acceptable combination of education, training and experience
M2 Experience:
Minimum of three years of relevant experience
M3 Experience:
Minimum of 12 months experience in working in a Federal Government of Canada Department in the last 3 years.
M4 Language Capacity:
The Bidder must demonstrate that the resource has the capability to carry out the proposed tasks in both official languages:
Fluent in English. French at the level of Basic as per the Language Proficiency Grid found below.

• Reception and organization of applications, which includes determining application types and verifying deadline dates for different submissions.
• Receives, reviews, and corrects data obtained from applications; files, codes, cross-references, creates records files and records appropriate information into the corporate database.
• Maintains and updates application files received in paper or electronic format, to ensure completeness of information.
• Conducts internet searches and analyzes results in order to validate incomplete or unclear information.
• Transfers/creates applications and CV information from the SSHRC Council Web to incorporate into the corporate database (AMIS).
• Runs validation reports to identify electronic application entry errors and corrects information to ensure appropriate transfer and download of applications in order to maintain the integrity of the data in the corporate database.
• Identifies anomalies with submissions and takes appropriate action, e.g. flagging applications received after deadline, verifying quota lists.

Years of experience needed :


Requirements and working conditions :

Workplace :


Primary tasks :

Language :

English spoken
English written
French spoken
French written

Computer skills :

Education :

High Scool Diploma
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