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In pursuit of excellence

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Since 1973 and with many years of experience in human resources, Barbara Personnel Inc. is the choice of champions for all your temporary and permanent recruitment needs. We are a 100% Canadian company servicing the National Capital region, (Ottawa-Gatineau). We advocate the highest standards for our clients, our candidates and ourselves!

Our team excels in human resources and know very well the needs and expectations of today’s employers in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Centered on a team effort, our counselors always look for the perfect candidate for each position. We manage an electronic database of over 6 000 candidates, all of whom have been evaluated and interviewed by our counselors.

To respond immediately and effectively to your requirements, our counsellors use this database to do a quick and precise search for your exact needs.


Calling upon the recruitment services of Barbara Personnel Inc. is:

  • To have better time management, no research, no payroll;
  • To save money. No publicity;
  • Select the employee that suits you. We will do the screening for you;
  • Make your final choice from the comfort of your office.

In pursuit of excellence?

  • We are highly regarded for our commitment to quality - the hallmark that drives our staff selection, recruitment methodology, client relationships and search results.
  • We have a quality management program which includes a client satisfaction survey conducted after each assignment.
  • We operate a computerized database of more than 6,000 employees to facilitate our research and ensure a quick match to your needs.
  • A meeting room located in our offices is made available to clients for interview purposes. 
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Barbara Personnel Inc. is a 100% Canadian company within the National Capital Region who offers permanent and temporary placements services.
Quality services
A placement service which is second to none since 1973
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